Wednesday, April 21, 2010

God of war 3 concept art

Hello All, Thanks for the comments and support! really appreciated it.
Many God of war artist is having show at the Gnomon Gallery on May 29th 2010.
Please drop by and say hi.
See you guys There!!

This two image was created for kratos flash back sequence. I had basic template given from imaginary force. I had fun creating these images cause never get to do stylize art.

Some skydome matte paintings that was done for tartarus level.


Here's some samples of god of war 3 conceptart that i've done past
two and half years. please check out my website for more images.
i had fun working on the project and had pleasure to work with amazing
artists. cecil, andy,Izzy, and andrew kim. oh and cliff.
Thanks all and big thanks to the santa monica god of war team!!!!